David's Journey
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I was brought up in a religion that was really more like a cult with many strict rules and
regulations. Primary school years were many happy times, with friends and family, but high
school years were a nightmare of embarrassment trying to live by rules.
A great love of the outdoors, the bush, the beach, the outback, snorkeling, exploring caves,
wildflowers and critters, climbing trees looking for bird’s nests, animals, birds, lizards and
snakes, being cooped up in a religion that was cultish wasn’t for me!
My first part time job, in school holidays, delivering telegrams by pushbike around the streets
of Perth gave me enough money to buy a ‘Brownie‘ box camera, and the interest in recording
photographic images began.
At sixteen I dropped out of 4th year (now Year 11) high school and organized employment on a
farm to get away from the restrictions, confusion, guilt and pressure to conform.  My father
got wind of my plans, put a spanner in the works and promptly found me a job in a local
nursery - so began a life of propagating plants.
During the Vietnam War, 20 year old male’s birthdates were drawn out of a barrel to be
conscripted into the Australian Army.  The only draw of any significance I have ever won - 2
Years in National Service!
Ten weeks basic training and ten weeks corps training and the army turned me into a
Theatre assistant assisting in operations on wounded soldiers from Vietnam. Exposed to
life in the raw, but it seemed like an unseen power kept me from getting into trouble.
Having been officially “withdrawn from” and excommunicated by my church and family, I
was not allowed to return home after my time in National Service.  Some kind generous
friends took me into their home and family.  Through this family, I was introduced to many
young friends who impacted my life by their exemplary Christian character and enjoyment
of life.  Yes, you have probably guessed it by now, I stole the heart of one of the young girls
there and she has spent the last 43 years working hard beside me, building a Nursery and
raising four children and accompanying me on many adventures, sometimes nervously, but
always enjoying it. 
Life has been good.
Images of  'Creation' by  David & Margaret Cook