Margaret's Journey
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I was born in Wales to an English/Welsh mother and Irish father, but then moved to the edge of
London for a couple of years before the family emigrated to Western Australia when I was five
and a half years old.  Due to Dad’s many changes in employment, we moved around somewhat
changing houses and schools.  Sometimes living in the suburbs, sometimes more rural and for a
few years, when Dad was a lighthouse keeper, on an Island where there was no school and
correspondence lessons were done.
Dad always had an agricultural
interest, so no matter where we
were we had animals and
vegetable gardens, and I guess
the experiences of the places we
had lived and the lifestyle fostered
an appreciation and love of things
of nature and being outside.
Marrying David in 1970 encouraged more interest and enjoyment in the
beauty of the natural world around us as he would point out the intricacies
of designs in both plant, insect and animal life, and the curious habits of
different creatures. Both in our work (running a wholesale plant
production nursery) or on holidays, we were always surrounded by nature.
God was always a big part of my life and as I considered the attributes of
life around me, I stood in awe of the God who designed them. 
My photography came late and of very basic nature compared to David’s.
Images of  'Creation' by  David & Margaret Cook